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Ah, a problem perhaps with the theory of relativity as I understand it.

So as you approach the speed of light time slows down for the traveler. The way I've read it any object or person at speed has time pass slower than a stationary object of person.


Say I get in my spaceship, The USS Blowme, and take off at c, the speed of light, and travel for 1 year. I should have traveled one light year. For you here on Earth the theory of relativity states that a greater amount of time has passed, lettuce call it 10 years.

From your perspective I should have traveled 10 light years.

But in the USS Blowme I've only went 1 light year.

What you're referring to is commonly called the twins paradox.

Relativity is not exactly a intuitive thing. The point you are missing is in relativity, not all observers are created equal. Its explained far better in the twins paradox page I've linked to then I could possibly hope to explain myself. It all has to do with who is under acceleration - acceleration puts you into an "inferior" reference frame.

Long story short, for the person on the space ship traveling near C it will seem to take less than a year to travel 1 light-year, while for an outside observer it will appear that the ship takes a year to go one light year.