No, we are not robots ...

But if god is the all-knowing ...
Correction: GOD is not the all knowing. GOD simply is all the knowledge there is!

Is god " such entity"?

Ellis, please take note: Unitheists say: GOD is not an entity at all. GOD is not one who is separate and apart from other entities. GOD is the sum-total of all entities.

Ellis says,"Indeed that point of view is the one that has started the numerous wars that have religion as the cause."

Are you sure that only believers start wars?

Ellis, "Produce the evidence for this kind of extreme statement."

What are you implying, Ellis? Are you implying that, unlike people who have a religion, all agnostic/atheists are peacemakers?

"We (Do you mean only believers?) just can't agree which one knows the truth! Even branches of the same brand are willing to kill each other because they know they know the "truth".

The following makes little sense, to me: "And although snowflakes all differ from each other, in fact they are all, every one of the little individualists that they are, just little bits of the same frozen water![/quote]
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