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Perhaps it's time this thread went a little closer to its initial topic. Things seem to have gone far afield.


Then change the title to "I, Marchimedes, and what I think".


"Marchimedes, a man for all the ages".


"Stuff Marchimedes writes down".


"This time in imageville..." Yes, I saved that, I have a file of that, you can't deny that, I still want an explanation, matter of fact, you gonna scold me while in the same breath having fun at my expence? For shame.


"Marchimedes, the train wreck that keeps making all the stops".

See what I'm gettin at here? Maybe we should have a poll. A contest to name my thread.

Why does this even bother you?

Friggin almost at 90k views, you should be giving me awards and naming wings of this place after me.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?