But then if order could be said to be derived from Chaos as G.O.D. who or what created the chaos to give birth to order, and is chaos really chaos or just a perception of incomplete knowledge of reality?

Reducing God to an acronym, or defining something that comes out of something less, then reduces God to an effect of something much greater than the effect. Preachers try to define God or lead their flock to God thru definition and reason based on some kind of belief. If a leader could lead someone to the direct experience of God then that would supersede any belief or acronym related idea and release God from the back pocket of the mind as a relative changing ideal or opinion.

One could have a greater appreciation of something judged as chaos and find something worth while in it rather than continuing to separate it out from God, forever supporting evil as something that has just as much weight and power as God in the opposing thought or force.

An atheist will never subscribe to a G.O.D. (that which is good orderly and desirable) if it is forever threatened by that which is not good orderly and desirable. They will find anything that is threatened as weak and not safe from invasive and opposing forces of equal strength. Intelligence will always supersede superstition.
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