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What we are given to try to get our heads around is the idea that a photon is a 'packet' of energy that can behave like a particle yet has no mass. Consider also that, as yet, no one knows what it is that gives other 'particles' their mass.

I saw that photon deal on TV recently and that's what got me started in on the mass of light. And then you make me think about the mass of particles. If particles have any mass, and they are travelling at the speed of light, then wouldn't that negate the theory that as mass approaches the speed of light it approaches infinate mass? Just like that, right?

They are getting together at LHC to try to hammer that one out.

Somebody somewhere is not correct?

That's for sure. Physics may be due for an upheaval when some bright spark reconciles quantum theory and general relativity.

I'm no physisist, heck, can't even spell it but I like to think I have some game when I comes to thinking and I've got buku problems with both theories.

And then there is the speed of gravity...

And, of course, my theories of the universes expansion acceleration. Have you noticed even with 80k views no one has poked a hole in my theories yet?

Just thought I'd pat myself on the back there but really I think that means sumpin. Like my pyramid threory, which I haven't finished posting here yet, but so far over the years I've easily a quarter million views on that and still no flaws found with that yet.

I'm not hlding my breath waiting on the Nobel commitie calling me though.

They should call. I mean if they gonna give Algore a Nobel and he thinks the Earth is several million degrees just a few kilometers down...well, they should call.

Look at it like this, I'd give a heck of a acceptence speech...

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?