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I have been asked to define 'panentheism'--what I prefer to call 'unitheism'. A friend in wondercafe.ca who calls himself 'panentheism' gives what I consider is an excellent definition:
Posted on: 11/18/2009 10:12

Here is a short description of panentheism: God is in the world, the world is in God, and there is more to God than just the world.

And following that God has to work with the world as it is to lure it to where it could be. God is the supremely related one and seeks to be related to.

Our part is both response to the possibilities and addition to what becomes. The future is open to our creative responses to God's novel creativity.
The only thing I will add is: GOD, as I understand the concept, is the total and unavoidable Reality, or Life itself.

So you are saying morality and sin is rallied around a concept of reality, rather than anything real or concrete. Concepts being derived from projections and imagination, Sin being the failure to take the imagination seriously....
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