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BTW, the term 'sin' is not one found exclusively in the Bible, or religion. It is in dictionaries on psychology. The one I use, published in 1952, is by the late Dr. James Drever. While he does regard it as a divine law.

He wrote that it is a "contravention of moral law". Which I assume is respected by all civil people. Agreed?

The term Sin in your 1952 dictionary is not without the influence of religious attachments to the meaning often linked to the Bible and its origins.
And, morality is subjective as is civility. Now if you want to get back to divine law or natural law which would precede and override any social or political influences, then Sin would be something that is subject to a constant. A law of nature that does not change with belief and interpretation as does religion. A law that is pertinent to the structure of the universe and does not change with personal beliefs and morality imagined by ego, is more akin to the Sin referred to by Jesus.
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