Ellis, now that I have time, please allow me to deconstruct, if I can, your recent communication:

[Deconstruction is the name which was given by French philosopher Jacques Derrida to an approach (whether in philosophy, literary analysis, or in other fields) which rigorously pursues the meaning of a text to the point of undoing the oppositions on which it is apparently founded, and to the point of showing that those foundations are irreducibly complex, unstable or impossible.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deconstruction ]
You write as follows:
Originally Posted By: Ellis
Rev-You often used to challenge this atheist on lack of belief in god, as you asserted that belief is innate and necessary in us all.

Ellis, may I remind you: You are the one who says that you lack belief in ... you name it.

If you feel that this is the best way for you to go, now, or into the future, which we are all destined to face, this is YOUR free choice. Meanwhile, it is up to me to make the choice which I feel is best for me.

In addition, keep in mind: I abhor all forms of dogmatism aimed at suppressing free will.

IMO, human beings have the potential to be pneumatological beings, not just mental and physical beings dominated by instinctual drives. Sure we are free to allow it to be so, but we are free to choose otherwise.

Pneumatologically (that is, spiritually) speaking we need not be trapped in a script or by instinctual and unconscious drives. We can be more and more free to make any choice we care to make as to how we live now, and in the future.

Interestingly, Freudian analysts define God as "an object of worship", which they then go on to infer exists only in the imagination of some patients.

As a unitheist, for me, GOD is not an object of any kind.

Agreeing to disagree, agreeably, we can take it from there. OK? smile

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