eccls-- I can't help but think that what everyone is saying (with lots and lots of words) is this---

---God exists for an individual if they believe any of the possible manifestations as truth. God is a human construct of faith and belief. Once that is accepted it is possible to prove that god exists, because the proof will follow the belief, not the other way round.

The holy stories, writings, various dogmas and forms of worship are all add-ons invented by believers and, in many cases are strictly controlled by the senior officials of the various forms of the varied religions. As such they are not an essential part of belief in divinity, and are merely the social trappings of religion.

It all comes down to personal belief. An atheist will not believe the proof because to him/her it is proof of nothing, as there is no belief to start with. A believer believes the proof because it confirms beliefs already held.