Hello, I am new here. I am a filmmaker, with a background in organized religion which I left a long time ago due to discrepancies in doctrine with historical facts. I am currently developing a documentary on Miracles, from the scientific perspective of mind over matter, natural and spiritual healing and self generated remissions of illness.

I find the dilemma of atheism vs. theism as interesting as creation vs evolution..and the study of ancient history and civilizations, primarily of the 'gods who came to earth' long ago. Most of history has been rewritten by the victors, and until recently, has ignored the discovery and deciphering of Sumerian cuneiform tablets, which shed an interesting angle on the definition of 'god'. My journey out of Watchtower mind control required a complete reworking of my previous belief system structure. A basic lay-understanding of what those tablets revealed helped me to leave a very closed minded religious Illuminati experiment known today as Jehovah's Witnesses. I did have help.

In my humble opinion, any discussion of who or where god is, needs to include an open-minded investigation of any reference in history to visitors who are NOT native to this planet, but may possibly have been here long before humanity, and been regarded as 'gods'.

We are living in interesting times, my new friends in discussion. Several countries around the world have now opened secret files of UFO activities, and numerous whistle blowers are coming out of NASA and various other '3 letter' agencies which have suppressed this knowledge out of fear of losing control over the masses with their power and control structure. Massive amounts of evidence of higher life forms existing in the universe, which might more aptly be called the 'multiverse' according to quantum physicists like Kaku, is now coming forward due to the freedom of information available on the internet and youtube.

Recently in July 09 in Spain, Robert Dean, formerly of NASA and military above top secret clearance, publicly showed images from voyager's trip past Saturn, of which only one set was not destroyed. Not only did these images reveal huge artificially constructed and intelligently piloted electromagnetic crafts, but also showed one cigar ship embedded in one of the rings or Saturn which was estimated to be 2000 miles long and 400 miles across.

Perhaps George Lucas's visions of Joseph Campbell's mythology and legends brought to the screen in Star Wars was not only an imaginary fairytale for kids. Perhaps it has awakened the collective unconscious into realization that humanity's journey into a higher level of consciousness, requires a complete reworking of our understanding of god, religion and how the human mind processes beliefs. Perhaps, as the aboriginals say, "CREATOR and/or GREAT SPIRIT" is a better attempt at explanation for the currently limited understanding of 'god'.

Some ancients such as the Dogon tribe in Africa and the Mayan civilization were quite aware of this, and yet with all the modern technologies available, we find we are still citizens of a planet which ridicules extraterrestrial presence and realities. This, my friends, is about to change. For the first time in modern history we are about to witness the convergence of science and religion, which will both be brought kicking and screaming into a synergistic understanding and awareness of our presence in a galactic community, which has so far been reluctant to reveal itself, because in their words 'man is still considered dangerous and barbaric' for the simple reason that we have not learned as yet, that 'killing each other' for whatever reason, is simply unacceptable behavior in the galactic community.

I realize that this topic may be a bit 'out there' for some here, yet we must realize first of all, the planet earth is at a point in our history which will result in huge, massive changes, some already underway. Most of the media's attention on issues such as global climate change completely overlook the facts that are collectively available, as we have been here before. Yet our belief systems are commonly structured in such a way, whether by commerce, science OR religion, to ignore most of this previously recorded data, in favor of our unending need to strengthen the status quo and ignore the lessons of forgotten and hidden history.

My conclusion to these thoughts is, that whether science, religion, archeology, astronomy, medicine, physics, psychology, spirituality, or any of these or other fields of study and interest..must all look towards a coming quantum leap in human consciousness which by it's very nature will nullify a lot of what we have believed for centuries, to be fact.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the incoming age of light(literally). The photon belt as described by some mystics and scientists, as well as the Inuit(who have seen it) in far reaches of northern Canada, is about to alter the very nature of our DNA. It is a band of sub-atomic photon particles running through our galaxy, which our solar system is entering now. The golden age of a thousand years of peace is about to envelop and affect everyone of us. It has already resulted in the birthing of extremely gifted 6th sense children which the Russians and Chinese openly honor and study. Unfortunately in North America, we feed these gifted children Ritalin and medicate them into oblivion.

I have opened myself here with much more information than I originally intended. All of the above postulations I make are verifiable through personal research. I am at a point in my life where I feel no need to prove anything any longer. 30 years ago I was busy full-time preaching of watchtower doctrines, believing at the time that it was truth, and it was absolute. Almost 30 years later, I realize that not only is truth relative, but understandable to me..only through each of my own reference points.

Likewise,my understanding of 'god' or GoD' or GOD, has changed significantly. Both Einstein and Tesla understood that there is an aether, an electromagnetic energetic information medium present in all of space, whether a vacuum or atmospheric in nature. Some call it 'zero point'. Certain gifted individuals throughout history, such as Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet, were able to 'access' this medium in stored information and make beneficial use of knowledge, wisdom and previously untapped free energy resources, knowledge of which has been too long suppressed. Some call it the akashic records, some call it the universal library, doesn't matter what we call it. If we can maintain information on magnetic tape, and radio frequencies can transmit huge amounts of data, who or what's to say that all the knowledge of the universe is not only available, but accessible to everyone with a focused thought? Collective amnesia, using only 5-10 % of our brain, has so far prevented this for most people. This also, is about to change. Imagine knowing without doubt when someone is lying to you. Imagine that there are no secrets any longer. Imagine knowing when someone is contacting you telepathically, and you no longer need your cellphone. Imagine healing yourself of virtually anything, within minutes or hours, or days. These are no longer daydreams, this IS a reality for some, already.

In closing, I wish to say that any understanding of god in my personal sense, needs to include much more than simply science and religion are able to offer, since the human's nature is to compartmentalize and categorize everything into departments which then for reasons of bureaucracy, red tape or whatever egotistic reasons for refusing open communications,is hidden from the whole. I could tell you about a device patented by 2 doctors in 1991 which eradicates viruses including HIV with a 9volt battery. But I won't for now, because I could go to jail. Democracy? Freedom of information? True innovation rewarded? We live in a strange and contradictory world my friends.

We then file away knowledge into different disciplines, which have over thousands of years become radically closed and over protected in their ability to appreciate the holistic, synergistic and complete Oneness of ALL that IS. In short, we will soon find that all really comes from what many have tried to interpret in different ways...as the original formless substance, which is everywhere.

Pleased to make your acquaintance,


*There was never an original big bang, the human simply has trouble understanding the concept of infinity*~Anon.
"The most beautiful is the mysterious" ~Einstein