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It is the childish nature of such "faith", epitomised by phrases like "God the Father", or "We are all God's children" which atheists find ridiculous.

I disagree. Atheists are not so concerned with the language nor the belief that would seem to epitomize religious behavior, but more so with the idea of God when religionists play upon the authority of the written word rather than direct experience. When someone says this is true because it is written here and we believe it means this.... It is the same common sense that drives one to personal discovery rather than to roll over and subscribe to an authority based on the democratic flow of the lemming mentality.
God the Father, as described by Jesus was not a person, but rather the un-manifest principal which supports the manifest. The idea that we are all Gods Children testimony to the fact that all matter is supported, created, experienced thru natural law. The law of cause and effect, or the laws of creation. The principal of order rather than chaos as the foundation of the universe.
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