Rev wrote:
"And, BTW, it was Macbeath, not Shakespeare,"

Although Macbeth was an historical figure it was in fact Shakespeare who composed the particular speech that is one of the most evocative he ever wrote. As to Shakespeare's religious beliefs-- there is some evidence that his family were Roman Catholic sympathisers, but W.S seems not to have shared that to any great degree. Don't forget that in those days religious deviance of any sort could see you publicly burned.

Also-- Faith and belief are what makes you so CERTAIN that your god envelopes you, surrounds you and is 'there' for you. So that is true for you. It is precisely that lack of faith and belief that ensures an atheist can state that there is no such thing as god (in any unimaginable or imaginable manifestation).

eccles is so right... 'The "faith" is involved in use of the word "in"!'