My article / message ( book ) isnít about faith.

I say about Godís existing using the Physics / Quantum
theory because the Old proofs about God / Religion
isnít enough in our time.
==== .
Has God known the formula: E=Mc^2 ?
If God has known the formula why HE / SHE /IT
didn't write it in His Bible?
Can God be atheist, governed by scientific laws?
Have physicists found the God?
I think, Yes. They have.
The people created a God.
No one knows what the external characteristics
of this God are, a God who made himself known
with the name " I am who I am ".
Is it enough for us in the XXIc ?
Why didnít the formula E=Mc^2 write in the Bible?
===============. .
Each religion uses a system of symbols
(images, metaphors, ancient myths and legends ,
beautiful stories) to explain its truth.
But Bernard Shaw wisely remarked :
ď There is only one religion,
although there are a hundred versions of it.Ē
It means that the source of all religion is one.
And I try to prove this idea with the formulas and laws of
physics. I donít invent new formulas. I use simple formulas
which ,maybe, every man knows from school.
Is it possible? Is it enough?
Yes. Because the evolution goes from simple to the complex.
So, in the beginning we can use simple formulas and laws.
For this purpose I explain what the first law of Universe is,
and second law is and ...........etc.
Step by step I create a logical system of the Universe.
=== .
Can God be atheist, governed by scientific laws?
I think: Yes, of course.
Because if God exists, he would necessarily to work
in an Absolute Reference Frame and have set of physical
and mathematical laws to create everything in the Universe.
And we can find and understand this Absolute Godís House
and we can find and understand Codís Laws of the Nature.
============= . .
If I were God, I would give chance to Human
to understand who I am by analyzing the physical
formulas, equations and laws. Because to create Everything
I need them. So, logically, catching the thread of the physics
Human can understand Me and My Work.
============== .
Of course, it is only my opinion.

Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.