Ellis, Kyra M and others. As you know, I said that because of some quirk in my 'puter, I cannot access this thread, directly.

This is just a test to see if this indirect method of going through the "watched-topic" section still works, as it did recently, to get into this thread.
BTW, it is interesting to go back and read the early posts in this thread. This dialogue on the psychology and philosophy of religion and spirituality, has been a learning experience. Also, it is nice to see that there are people who are open-minded enough to agree to disagree, agreeably.

KATE AND ADMIN: I realize and appreciate that this is a science forum. It would be interesting to know what sciences, and technologies, are represented in this forum. Is there a list? Meanwhile, thanks for this Not Quite Science Section.

Besides the general arts subjects like English, History (including the history of religions, philosophies, arts and the sciences), Languages (French, Greek, Hebrew), Theology (including pastoral work and counseling people in pain and grief), Homiletics, Philosophy, Dramatics, The Bible as Literature, I have done some studies in basic physics and maths, and the soft sciences, like Sociology, Ethics, Economics and psychology--I even have certificate to practice hypnotherapy.

Does this latter qualify as a technology? Over the years--in cooperation with others in the healing arts and sciences--I have used it to help people stop smoking, lose weight, deal with other serious addictions, physical, mental and spiritual pain, obsessive-compulsive and self-destructive behaviour, phobias and the like.

To avoid the hocus pocus often associated with hypnosis I prefer to call what I do, pneumatherapy--helping people to take responsibility for, and control over, their own health without relying too much on drugs and surgery--medical technologies.

BTW, I have a great respect for all who are skilled in the sciences and technologies and who use them wisely, and especially when they are used morally and ethically in the service of humanity.

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