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The point of the OP s to focus attention upon our inclination to seek absolutes and that this inclination tends to lead us into catastrophes.
I see, so the point here is to make absolute statements regarding the failure and futility of seeking absolutes, or to seek an absolute definition of how we as a species think so that we can understand how futile seeking an absolute understanding is.
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We must learn how we think and why we do the things that we do so that our species may last a bit longer.

Becoming self aware might be a boon. In other words becoming aware of our own attachment to thoughts and feelings would help to understand reactionary behavior, coupled with the obvious programming of competitive behavior and the grading of human potential that comes from parental influences and the influences of educational systems and their programs.
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Our greatest problem is learning how to just get-along. Our technology has placed extraordinary power into the hands of ordinary people and if we do not become more sophisticated we will destroy our species and perhaps all life on this planet.
Becoming aware of how tolerant we are of ourselves will give a clue as to how tolerant we are of others. Once we have mastered our own selves it is possible to embody a way of life that has a positive influence on others. It then becomes like popcorn where the natural tendency is to apply the heat of need to create the momentum of change. I think the universe is a great reflection of our own selves, and when we describe what is wrong with it we describe ourselves. If we learn to understand the nature of reflection and how it operates we might understand how we can change and how perfect we are to begin with in the way we create perfect reflections.
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