Mass circumcision project plans to cut HIV risk
From New scientist issue 2713 June '09

OVER half a million men are to be offered circumcision in Swaziland and Zambia to curb the spread of HIV. It is the first time circumcision has been proposed on this scale in AIDS hotspots.
Circumcision can cut a man's risk of HIV infection by 60 per cent, and in the past African men have queued up to be circumcised. The new programme is funded to the tune of $50 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, enough for 650,000 procedures. Under the programme, these will only be carried out by fully trained medical professionals, which could help prevent men from being harmed.
"It's great news, and this is exactly what's needed," says Catherine Hankins, chief scientific adviser at UNAIDS. She stresses however that circumcision alone won't rule out infection with HIV, and that circumcised men should take additional precautions such as wearing condoms and limiting their numbers of sexual partners.
Interestingly, we discussed male circumcision over two years ago, here in Scienceagogo.
When I posted the possible reasons as to why circumcision might give better protection against sexual infections.

Then just five weeks later after the above discussion
"The World International Conference on Circumcision and AIDS-HIV", held in Australia. Came to the unanimous conclussion, that Male Circumcision did indeed provided greatly increased protection against sexual diseases, including HIV-AIDS.
In fact, two trials in America were stopped early because they showed such a high degree of efficancy that it would not have been ethical to continue to withhold circumcision from the control group!! Wow!

The above para is VERY interesting. Since one might wonder what chemical or prehaps colouring agent, they might have given the other partner?
Well it must have been something similar.....the trials would never have used REAL virus/germs.!! Would they?

The Australian Government has estimated that by 2025, HIV-AIDS will have killed 1.5 million people in Indonesia and more than 300,000 in Papua New Guinea.

The International AIDS Society Conference in Sydney has heard that male circumcision reduces the spread of the virus by 60 percent.

American Professor Robert Daly says the challenge is to change cultural and government attitudes so the procedure can be universally adopted.

Australia will provide an extra $US350 million to combat HIV/AIDS in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the federal government having already pledged $US530 milllion through its Global HIV/AIDS Initiative for the decade to 2010, Monday's announcement lifts funding to fight the pandemic to $US880 million, or one billion Australian dollars.
More than eight million people in the Asia-Pacific region are HIV-positive, with UN projections estimating the number of people living with the disease will reach 20 million by 2010 if the response is not accelerated.

***I have already posted the 'mechanical reasons' as to why I believe circumcision works, earlier in Scienceagogo.

So I will not elaborate further. But you may carry on reading below before you return to the above 'thread reason'
as to why circumcision protects against venerial disease.


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