Ellis, if "gem" is a compliment in Australia, you are a gem. Maybe what I will do is close it out here, and refer readers to the new one where I use my own name. Sound okay?

If I ever get the time, before I croak I plan to write a book about my experiences writing here and on other such pages. I first went on line in 1997.

By the way, I will be 80 next January 14. The late Martin Luther King was born the next day and one year earlier. He and I were in Boston University in 1954. Our paths did not cross, because he left, as a new minister, the spring before I arrived to do some post grad studies.
ABOUT THE NEW WAYS OF WRITING THE NAME 'GOD': A friend wrote me and said:
"When you find one make sure and always put an ® by the right upper corner of it just in case it becomes an original invention and make you some money."
I asked him: "Are you serious? Is the creation of a symbol considered to be an invention?"

He hasn't answered yet. However meanwhile, I have been busy creating the following--with an ® of course:
GØD = as in holo-unitheism, panentheism
G0D = same as above, meaning all the Goodness, Order and Desirable Design to the universe. The Ø or 0 indicate that G0D is not a thing
G?D = skeptics and agnostics
g0d??? = atheists. The 0 here indicates there are zero gods, or god.
G$D = financiers and materialists
G smile D = mellow people
G laugh D = comedians
G frown D = sad people
G eekD = angry people
G-d = Orthodox Jews. The - indicates the mystery of divinity.
G...D = true lovers. When I find the proper symbol I will put it here.
G cool D = cool, or disguised
Any more suggestions?
Have you heard of the new book out? It is called REASON, FAITH AND EVOLUTION--Reflections on Atheism, by the Irish philosopher, Terry Eagleton. I heard him in an interview of the CBC's, The Current, this AM.

I will write more about it, later. He has coined a new term: He calls all rational-fundamentalist atheists, ditchkins--a combinations of Dawkins and Hitchkins

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