For some time now, I have been trying, without success, to access the following thread, which I started--how long ago?--using my wife's family name, Turner--also my son's name. Out of curiosity, I ask: Am I the only one who can't access it? I get a ERROR response.

Meanwhile, I repost it here.

Philosophy of Religions--all religions, including... 1007 posts 1,001,184 clicks.

I am amazed that just recently, this thread has gone over 1000 responses and has received over one million clicks.

I believe in the essential unity of all the great religions, which are built on a moral and ethical foundation and have leaders who have a humane desire to promote peace, justice and the physical, mental and spiritual well being of all people everywhere. I prefer religions without too much dogma--more interested in doing good deeds, than in having the right creeds.

Anyone, if you would like to add a comment here--critical or otherwise--feel free to do so.
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