Physicists spooked by faster-than-light information transfer.

Everybody seems to agree that "objective" science explicitly based on
supernatural mysteries is something utterly strange: it's a much stranger
doctrine than any most esoteric religion, which doesn't pretend at least
to any objectivity and logic...
And nevertheless it is precisely that kind of "objective" knowledge that
continues to be UNIQUELY (and very generously!) supported in ALL
science institutions (private initiatives including). How indeed can one
have a consistent understanding of quantum particle behaviour if that huge,
multi-billion enterprise cannot even say what the real, even simplest
elementary particle (e.g. photon or electron) actually is, in its physical
structure and dynamics, while replacing it with an abstract symbol obeying
abstract, postulated (and completely "magic"!) rules? So they end up now
with an explicit sectarian religion called "mathematical universe" and
supported by the dominating establishment priests from all the great faculties...

Realistic alternatives to that continuing math-physical delirium certainly
exist but they are rejected without discussion by the dominating, effectively
totalitarian regime (Peer Review and Co.).
So when Gisin allegedly "hopes that the work will stimulate theorists to come up
with new ways of explaining the spooky effect", he is "slightly diverging from
the truth" (or intentionally lying, to be exact!). As if he, or Geoff Blumfiel,
or anyone else may ignore the fact that those "spooky effects" and related open
trickery exist in the official science framework already for a century and nothing
ever changes, despite innumerable theoretical efforts (starting already from the
"great Einstein" with his unlimited staff) but always artificially reduced to a very
special, now rigorously specified approach of unitary science
See e.g.

for a review of fundamental physics without supernatural mysteries, a theory that
is there for a decade already, quite accessible on the web and directly developing
the ideas of the great Louis de Broglie who had clearly shown a way out of the
spooky science impasse many years ago (see ),
but this clearly designated "new way" (now successfully completed) remains
officially ignored, for decades, despite the formally "encouraged" search for it.
It is that kind of real science operation that "doesn’t make any sense, honestly"
and while it senselessly persists on the background of ‘ officially accepted ‘ lies,
no positive, fruitful and problem-solving knowledge development can restart,
irrespective of explicitly proposed problem solutions and realistic, consistent
and experimentally confirmed quantum-physics framework.
14 Aug, 2008
Posted by: Andrei Kirilyuk