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..is there any scientific evidence that life--in one form or another--is an eternal phenomenon?
By AWT rudiments of life and conscious behavior are contained within every particle . In environment, which enables the repetition of many temporal events (i.e. mutations) the space-time will condense into conscious life undeniably. In this way the life can never be completely destroyed, because it can be recreated/restored in every generation of Universe rather quickly from fundamental principles as an undeniable emergence of complexity. It even seems, conscious life is a geometric property of every sufficiently large piece of space-time, by the same way like galaxies and their black holes.

Nevertheless, a concept of cosmic inheritance exists (promoted mainly by Lee Smolin in his "Life of the Cosmos" book), where he collect evidences for idea, organic life has survived cosmological cycles and as such it's a product of more general evolution inside of many universes gradually.

Personally, I don't think, life requires survival of Big Bang for its creation and the concept of cosmic evolution is built in AWT at deeper level, then Mr. Smolin has considered. It can be rather understood as a certain observational perspective of inorganic matter evolution.