By AWT every elementary particle has a primitive consciousness, because AWT interprets the gravity or electrical fields as a gradients of Aether density and particles are sniffing around and they follow these density gradients by the same way, like bacteria follow sugar concentration or protozoa or human creatures are looking for energy sources or gold.

Every object with positive surface curvature has an apparent tendency to merge with another objects with positive surface curvature, while avoiding the objects with negative curvature like mercury droplets. By AWT such behavior is completely result of chaotic nature of Universe (you can read a bit more about this approach here)

The more complex structure is, the more complex is its behavior, because overlapping density gradients - which can be interpreted like action in hidden dimensions - may be applied. Whereas DNA is pretty complex structure, because it's not only a polymer of high molecular weight, but it's formed by less or more regularly organized units. Therefore we can met with evidence of "specific interactions" similar to charge, when single molecule attracts the complementary ones preferably at distance - i.e. by the same way, like males or females are looking for their partners.

In addition, so-called " quantum mirage" phenomena can take place here. It means, large organized molecules can imprint their shape to surrounding molecules of water and they can leave a permanent imprint in it. This is because of tixotropic structure of water clusters, which are behaving like pieces of modeling clay. During their mutual collisions clusters can retain their shape, they just exchanging water molecules with another clusters in such a way, the geometry of clusters is retaines (so called "memory of water" - compare the results of homeopathy and cluster medicine). But here are some evidence, the large volume of highly specific molecules can affect their neighborhood even outside of solution at distance (search the "DNA telepathy" on the web).