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I think that self-learning is the most useful means for reaching self-actualization.

I have often wondered what the world would be like if adults had the energy level I see constantly displayed by children at play. Perhaps we see a bit of this energy when we see the old tycoon still struggling for more money and grasping for more power even as death appears eminent.

It appears to me that energy is generated in humans when we are in action and when that action meets certain needs. If we extrapolate from the children and adults at play we might very well conclude that when action is play, energy will continue to be generated.

How do we adults make our actions seem to be play rather than work? Action becomes play when we are creating. Also action becomes energy generating when it fulfills our needs for immortality.

I would claim that play, power, survival, and the need for immortality are the four sources of human energy.

Immortality exists regardless of the delusion that it doesn't and the need to find it from the ignorance that it does not exist.
The innocence of a child and that abundant energy exists in all humans. Once the adult or person burdened by the beliefs imposed upon innocence is returned to innocence that abundant energy is realized again.

In Mazlows experiments with the brain wave activity of the Peak Experience, he would measure the wave patterns of the left and right hemisphere of the brain, by attaching electrodes to the parietal and occipital lobes connected to an EEG.
When the mind is thinking normally such as in waking state activity, both halves were working against each other and the brain waves were chaotic.
When the mind achieved a deeper state such as in the Peak experience both halves came into coherence rather than the previously measured chaotic state when the mind is active in thought after thought.
Stanford University did a study back in the 70's concluding that an average adult thinks some 50-60,000 thoughts per day. These thoughts are repetitive and often contradictory.

When the mind settles down into the childlike state of innocence or the peak experience, One experiences more energy and a greater capacity to think greater thoughts than those of repetitive stress related beliefs that are the past impressions of belief and experience laced with fear and delusion.

The peak experience can be reached thru Self reflection or meditation.
It is possible to gain a superior thought but to try and think the superior thought while all of the inferior thoughts still exist and are active in the mind is stressful and it tires the mind and the body.
So Self actualization may begin thru the knowledge of reality, but it is the experience of that knowledge that takes one beyond the duality of opposing thoughts. Simply thinking a greater thought in and amongst the lesser thought is like pitting one half of the brain against another.
Put a person in a dark room full of shadows and the mind begins to think and think and think about what is lurking in the shadows.
Turn on the light and all notions of thought concerning the shadows are vanquished forever.

Returning the mind to the peaceful awareness of the peak experience is such an experience that will act like a washing machine to remove the dirt of opposing thought and reverse the habit of mindless and endless repetitive thinking that takes the energy from the human, leaving him unable to create from innocence and possibility.
When the mind is burdened with the thoughts of practicality derived from the limited beliefs that are passed on from generation to generation, dictating what is possible and what is not, it is removed from the abundant energy of Self actualization that is natural for the innocent child.

The child learns from the parent and the social mores, what makes the child good or bad. Self Love is reduced to self measure and it is a system of comparison based on levels of purpose, pride, acceptance, and value. The Innocent self love is diffused by social programming as we are taught to compete for worth thru success.
We don't need to struggle to find something we never had, we only need to give up what we learned in how to measure up.

Take the mind inward to the peace which passeth all understanding to create the peak experience, and do it daily and you begin to wash away the habitual psychological idealization of being limited by what you have been told to believe in who you are and what you are capable of. It is like turning the light on to remove the shadows.

Experience is superior to thought.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!