Over the years, and on more than one occasion--and with the help of the media--I have made a point of taking an in dept look at and exposing the fraudulent claims of several "faith healers". One fraud even threatened my life.

But the real challenge is: What can we do about people who, like those who are addicted to gambling, want to go on believing: "If I can believe hard enough, God will send me miracle".

BTW, some few people who play the lottery and the slots do win. smile And certain conditions are helped by the power of suggestion and blind faith.

BTW 2, as a student of psychology and pneumatology, especially the power of hypnotic suggestion, I know what works and what does not. But how many people are really interested in having a rational explanation and willing to take the trouble really understand?

It seems that many people want to be fooled. I refuse to be totally cynical, but when was the last time you saw an honest add? How honest is the financial industry?