Tonight's the night. Been planning this for months. This is our 4th year. We put together exhibits; some from our employees and others from invited experts (NASA, American Statistical Association, local universities, NIH scientists, etc). Presentations are on statistics, energy, optical illusions, evolution, among others.

We only have about 12 exhibits this year, but I think they're pretty good. Last year we had over 200 students (plus parents, teachers, and administrators).

A lot of times, kids don't see the fun of science. Some few of them don't ever actually learn what science is - they know the word, but they understand so little of it that's it's indistinguishable from magic to them.

It's one of many things we do to help the local school system. I'm involved, because I'm a coordinator for educational outreach, but everyone should be interested in this - how do we get kids interested in the real article (hopefully before their brains are hijacked by pseudoscience)?