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I am a scientist but I am also religious. I am wondering what people of different beliefs and/or religions think about some of the new and advancing sciences. One of the sciences that I am currently working on is nanotechnology. I have even made a survey for people to give me there input.


It only takes 10 minutes or so.
The survey doesn't take into account the human factor. The idea that a technology is beneficial without accountability of human choice, puts the technology ahead of human interaction. To ask if a technology will change mankind for the better is to assume technology will determine the human need, and any interest to connect with Humanity as its own creation.
Technology does not make a better class of people or make people more conscious. It is possible that the growing level of consciousness is a precursor to the advances in technology but it does not mean humanity has yet the ability to be less harmful to itself or less conscious about how it uses technology.
Today's technologies have become part of the reason we have polluted air and water. By products of fossil fuels and the inability to clean up after ourselves in almost every industry has not only helped man become more efficient in doing things but also more dangerous to the stabilization of the ecology of this planet.
If Nanotechnology has a waste product that will add to the current lack of conscious awareness in personal responsibility, it may go the same route as all the other technologies. Who is to say?
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