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..by combining the concept of gravity from general relativity with the concept of a very dense aether ..
Dense Aether concept enables to explain gravity by itself even without some relativity at all. The relativity can explain gravity in combination of omnidirectional space-time expansion (which cannot be derived from relativity itself). You can think, gravity force is an acceleration force, following from increased speed of space-time expansion near massive objects. The speed of space-time expansion increases here due higher space-time curvature: if some space is preexpanded in some place, then the uniform space-time expansion would proceed here faster too, then in another places. This faster expansion is the source of accelerating force, which we can perceive inside of curved space-time.

But the dense inhomogeneous Aether concept can explain, why space-time expansion occurs at all as a sort of bumpy glass phenomena: every layer of inhomogeneous chaotic environment appears the more inhomogeneous and funky, the more thicker is. A luminiferous Aether must be very dense indeed to be able to spread the light of arbitrary energy density/frequency (like the X-ray or gamma radiation) - and no rocket science (some relativity the less) is required to understand it.