Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:38-39, in principle.
The world of Jesus' day, including that of the Jews, was under the law of retaliation--an eye for and eye, etc.--against evildoers, by those who believed they were right.

Judaism, the religion in which Jesus was raised, was based on the belief in an all-powerful and all-knowing god, Jehovah, who promised to lead his chosen people in glorious victories over all the evildoers, including any who refused to accept him as the one true and only God and creator of all creation.

Even to this day there is the same kind of commonly-accepted morality. It goes like this:

Sure we believe that Jesus is the prince of peace, but only after we win the war, with God's blessing, of course. When someone does us wrong, it is not only okay for us to get angry, but to get even. Generally speaking, most of us still believe that revenge is sweet! Why do you think we fought battles for the "promised land", the Crusades, for the New World, the two world wars, and are still fighting?

To this very day we still fight family feuds, civil wars, and wars between nations. All are carried out on the basis of this kind of morality.

People who refuse to take part in such conflicts are often branded as cowards, wimps and traitors.

Countless stories, plays, operas and films are based on the above kind of morality, and millions flock to watch shows about them week after week.

By the way, how many would line up to see a film in which a John Wayne, a James Bond, or a Clint Eastwood, and-the-like type, rides to meet the bad guys mounted on a donkey and armed only with an olive branch? What if they wore saffron robes, and burned themselves to death in front of a saloon where the bad guys are having a drink?

We want heroes/heroines who--while they, of course, are willing to risk their lives for us--will, eventually, save and deliver us, including themselves, from the evildoers.

We expect even more from our god-like super heroes: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, including their female versions. Yes, I remember Superwoman.

BTW, may I suggest a new kind of super hero: Pneuma man, or huma man. He is one who has a pneuma wife. Together, they choose to raise pneuma children and form a pneuma family.

As a family, they have decided to become pneuma conscious--that is, aware of their oneness with the Source, GOD.

As a pneuma family, they agree to make themselves available to all who pray: "Deliver us from evil--a life filled with suffering and pain."

After they listen to the person, or family in need, describe the circumstances of the predicament, what they offer, in the way of help, is this: "We are here to help you awaken to who you are and to the purpose of your life. Are you willing to do this and to take part in the whole process of find the right solution for you?

If there is no expression of willingness to be involved, no help can be given. However, if willingness to participate in the process is offered, the story takes off from there.


Needless to say, I do not believe in our having to depend on heroes of any kind, including God; or of being heavily involved in hero worship.

When push comes to shove, what is it that we need to do in the overcoming of evil as a personal challenge?

Most of us think that the only way for anyone to overcome evil involves a big struggle--ones being willing to take part in a long, hard struggle of heroic proportions. To the contrary, it really involves our being willing to give up the struggle. We need to stop agreeing to be participants.

In conversation with myself (EGO) I say something like this: "Stop resisting.
Relax and become an observer;
be aware of your thoughts and emotions;
be present in the now,
even this very moment.
Simply be alert, aware and see.
This will help you awake and arise to a new kind of consciousness--one in which you are no longer subject to any kind of physical, thought and emotional forms.

I remind you:
"You are totally connected with the Source,
the whole, including others from the same source."

In other words, take note of and "observe the self observing the ego and its creation, the body."

In the final analysis,
"We are one with GOD..."

Unitheism? Newtheism? Or even, nowtheism.
In GOD, there is no separation--only new oneness, now.

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