God and Photon.

Absolute God is doing only One Thing.
God creates virtual particles as Quantum theory says.

And then He gives to these virtual particles spin/ impulse ,
Magic Constant of speed. The speed of these virtual particles
is constant: c=1, no matter how the source or the observer moves.
/ Michelsonís experiment. 1881. SRT. 1905. /
The Magic Constant of speed c =1 the Particles can have
only from God.
We called these virtual particles Light Quanta / Photons.
So, It is right when God said:
Let be Quantum of light and there was Light Quanta.

Only the Quantum of Light has a maximal, constant,
absolute quantity of movement: c=1. No other particle
can travel with the speed c = 1.
It is very strange.
Thinking about Light Quanta we can forget about a " source" .
It means that every Light Quanta is an independent particle.
It is very strange.
When Light Quanta moves with constant speed c=1
its time is frozen, its time stops and its own clock shows zero.
It is very strange.
But the Particle Light Quanta can be a WAVE (simultaneously) .
Can the conception of Dualism be equal to Idealism?
Isnít it sound unusually?

The Photon no doubt is a Special Particle.
The Quantum of Light is a privileged particle.
That is the reason that a Photon- Light Quanta
is Godís Creation, Godís particle.
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Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. / Socratus.

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