Yes, Ellis, I agree with much of what you say about what a wonderful instrument the brain is, and "its workings".

About Telepathy. The communicating of one mind/brain with another: This just happened to me within the last twenty-some hours.

About twenty eight hours ago, here in the Toronto area, it began to snow--the wet and soggy kind, and hard to shovel. By midnight, about six centimeters had accumulated--the first really heavy fall so far this December. It was forecast that about twelve centimeters or more would be on the ground in the morning. I have a long and wide driveway and, at 78, I did not relish the thought of having to push that much snow out of the way.

On awakening, I looked out and there it was. I said to my wife: "I will go out and clear the walkway. I know that some of the neighbours do have a snow removal service. If I see a snow removal rig go by I will send a mental telepathy message and see if I can get the attention of the driver. Sure enough I saw one working just a few doors from me. I sent out my thought: If you help me, I will be glad to pay for it and/or be of help to you.

It only took me a few minutes to clear my walk. Just when I finished, the snow removal rig came down the road and drove right up to my driveway. I didn't even have to wave at the driver of the rig to come in. Without even asking me, he began to remove the snow as, with pleasure, I watched.

When he finished, I approached his rig, spoke to him, and offered to pay the going rate for the job. To my surprised he said: "No charge, sir. Something told me to help you out. My Christmas gift to an elderly stranger. Something told me I needed to meet you."

We then had a good chat, about several things, including the political economy, for the next fifteen minutes, or more.

Then I happened to mention to him that I had run for office and I told him of my interest in promoting the barter economy--which I write about, here, in the thread on money. I said, "For example, if you know of anyone who is addicted to tobacco and would like to stop, I do counseling for addictions, including hypnotherapy (which I call pneumatherapy). I can even do it over the phone. I will gladly do it, for anyone, as my way of repaying you. Perhaps you don't smoke."

He looked at me, showed me his pack of cigs and said, "I sure do some, and I would like to stop. I just might take you up on your offer."

Coincidence? I have had this kind of thing happen, too often--and I am sure, so have others--just to call it coincidence.

BTW, those of you who have read my posts know that I have training in psychology and counseling, which I respect in its right place. But telepathy, IMO, is beyond the psyche (the mind/brain as a physical, or somatic, instrument). It has more to do with the pneuma (the non somatic spirit) and comes under the category of pneumatology (Check in Wikipedia)--the study of the spirit, of which the psyche ought to be a servant.

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