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"All that crap about smoking being bad for you is pure hokum. My grandfather started smoking at age eleven and died at ninety-seven, still smoking." Perhaps so! But we need to keep in mind that total health involves more than somatic (physical) components. It is accepted that there is a psychosomatic (mind/body)component. Furthermore, there is what I call a pneumasomatic (spirit/body) one--incorporating peace of mind (spirit) and the will to live.

Back to the question of this thread: Perhaps the main reason many Americans do not accept evolution as a fact is a pneumatological, or spiritual, one. We need to keep in mind (spirit) that most of the first pioneers were made up of Bible believers. Such choose--a function of the spirit--to believe what they were taught to believe until it became what they desire and want to believe.

BTW, until we understand this, we will never understand the minds (spirits) of the terrorists, or, generally speaking, even what makes some people criminals. The fear of the law--getting caught, or killed, is no deterrent. When are WE going to wake up?

Sorry, I wasn't arguing that. I was simply agreeing that there is a problem with too small a data set. A huge problem. I read your posts for the refreshing honesty I find in them, and because I agree with a lot of your logic. I have no hound in the mind/body/spirit hunt. Just a couple in the honesty/logic hunt.

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