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IT SEEMS TO ME THAT ALL THE MODERN GURUS OF CONSCIOUSNESS--and I mean this with respect--including ANDREW COHEN, DEEPAK CHOPRA, ECKHART TOLLE and others--like many others before them--all agree that each and every one of us is personally responsible for who we are, what perceive--that is, take in through the senses--with our minds. We are also responsible for what we choose to perceive and become attentively aware of. Of course we are also responsible for what we do with our perceptions.

They also agree that the ego is a closed loop of mindless interpretation based on illusions of belief and opinion. Therefore leading to the reality that it is not personal opinion and belief that leads to liberation.

Pranayama without the awareness of the absolute is such a misguided attempt to become enlightened. Actually trying to master any of the limbs of yoga without the awareness of the absolute is a waste of time.
If one becomes aware of the absolute the mind develops with all the limbs intact just as a baby does in the womb.
Trying to build the baby one limb at a time becomes futile and ends in the wasting of a lifetime trying to perfect one limb but eventually leaving what has been accomplished in that single lifetime behind to begin all over again in another.
The Science of Yoga is based on the Absolute and the awareness of the absolute. It is from there that all limbs of yoga are perfected, naturally. This is something that was discussed on one of Andrew Cohens dialogues and straight out of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's written some 5000 years ago.
It is only the beliefs and opinions of Yoga that keep one from knowing what Yoga is, and the results are often labor intensive toward a condition or an experience that is believed to be tantamount to enlightenment that is the result of the same illusions of belief and opinion that creates dogma around the Teachings of Jesus and the reality of God.

Also there are lots of people who read about enlightenment. They read their whole life all about it, think about it, have opinions about it, beliefs about it, think they are on a path and never reach enlightenment.
From not being enlightened one does not know what it means to be enlightened. Anymore than a child knows what it is like to be an adult while being a child.

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