As I said, "If there are good intentions, what is wrong with using names and labels? When I go shopping I find them indispensable.

OK, I will presume that you have good intentions. To make it clear that you do I will ask: Do you?

But do you realize that, over and over again, what you write is filled with negative implications, and innuendos--a subtle kind of labeling? The following quote is packed full. For example, you say:
Those of low self esteem use labels to measure themselves against others by giving worth to the labels of measure so they can protect what little worth they attach to themselves.
Sounds like the label one would apply to self-deprecating egotists. How do you think analytical scientists, especially those who happen to be agnostics or atheists, feel when they read this? Especially those of good moral character, who have no lack of healthy esteem and peace of mind. No wonder so many of them have become militant.