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I always suggest to people dealing with an ego problem: Please read the Sermon on the Mount, especially Matt. 7:1-12; Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 13. I found reading it very helpful. It works, even for those of us who are not at the genius level. It also helps in the development of a sense of community.

The ego cannot resolve itself of itself.
Which is why Jesus spoke in parables for those who would hear and see.

No amount of reading frees the intellect from ego no matter how clear the information. The best you get is an enlightened ego. A Parrot that speaks principles laid out for humanity to discover when ego no longer serves one to remain self absorbed in self proclamation and Self aggrandizement.

The intellect must reside within the absolute to free itself of ego, not spin the intellect with definitions and meanings.

In the Upanishads the texts of enlightenment it is said reading scripture, meditation or immersing the intellect in the absolute, and guidance (surrounding yourself with enlightened company) is the path to liberation. The ego cannot free itself from ego nor does it commit suicide. One ascends ego by rising above the limits of definition thru the immersion into the unlimited. Like turning on a light in a dark room to vanquish the shadows.

These were the principles of the Teachings of Jesus as he taught his disciples to come to self Realization.
He slammed the Pharisees for playing up the intellect and parroting words without having immersed themselves in the absolute God.

From Immersion and stabilized awareness of God in everything one lives in the world but not of it.
Good becomes irrelevant in its dual meanings of ego to the Good or absolute perfection in the creation of the manifest as the laws of Karma are concerned.
The world is a stage and all manifestations are projections of belief and ideals. When fear and judgment of reality inhabits the intellect it works to correct the manifest rather than to correct the vision in the personal which sees reality as a distortion of Love or God.

This is how the ego comes to know Good in evil. By labeling it God rather than experiencing God in evil. It then stands in evil and turns a blind eye to reality by pretending it's all God not knowing when to get involved or not to get involved.

Judgment when seen thru Unity such as Jesus Judged was of clear perception. When he spoke of non judgment he spoke of the reality that ego cannot judge because of attachment and misperception of reality. But when Jesus cast judgment he said, "My Judgment is True." So the ego would not recognize judgment coming from the clear vessel as anything other than ego.
God sees God, Ego sees Ego. Same as Consciousness sees Consciousness. Or Water sees and experiences itself as water regardless of what state it appears, be it gaseous, liquid or solid.

Without enlightened guidance the ego cannot judge between illusion and reality on its own.

As a result of these truths all communities derived of intellect fail and wither because of the underlying separation that exists in the individual of belief and opinion. No matter how hard one tries to come to democratic union and agreement by trying to force the intellect to drop judgment and behave in a particular kind of way, the nervous system filled with the stresses of belief, fear and opinions cannot contain energies for very long without exploding into emotional expression.

To free the intellect one must optimize the intellect by removing all stress from the nervous system. If it isn't done stress eats away at the body creating disease and aging of the body.

Few have studied the teachings of the Masters to discover the path to liberation. Many read highlights, take what they will to match their ideals and then project themselves into a picture they believe is free of ego and the immersion into God.

As I've said before. A brain surgeon could easily pick out a brain surgeon wannabe from a practiced surgeon. So can an enlightened nervous system detect a self proclaimed enlightened wannabe.

10. The understanding of what really is, abolishes all that seems to be. Or said another way, The understanding of truth and reality allows one to recognize false prophets without any difficulty.
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