A friend from www.redefinegod.com sent me information about
Founded by the Dr. Thomas Hora.

He said, "I relate very closely to his concepts of reality:

Having observed, first-hand, that orthodox forms of treatment did not always bring healing to the ills of mankind, he sought to obtain a deeper understanding of the issues which, in turn, led him to spiritual literature. From this point, until the birth of Metapsychiatry in 1977, Dr. Hora's spiritual quest was in full bloom. His search encompassed the study of various theosophies, of existentialism and phenomenology, and of the sacred texts of Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity...."


1. Thou shalt have no other interests before the good of God, which is spiritual blessedness.

2. Take no thought for what should be or what should not be; seek ye first to know the good of God, which already is.

3. There is no interaction anywhere, there is only Omniaction everywhere.

4. Yes is good, but no is also good.

5. God helps those who let Him.

6. If you know what, you know how.

7. Nothing comes into experience uninvited.

8. Problems are lessons designed for our edification.

9. Reality cannot be experienced or imagined; it can, however, be realized.

10. The understanding of what really is, abolishes all that seems to be.

11. Do not show your pearls to unreceptive minds, for they will demean them.

Thomas Hora
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