Speaking of language, I happen to have in my library a copy of the book, THE HEBREW TONGUE RESTORED--And the true meaning of the Hebrew Words re-established and proved by their radical analysis.

It is by the French scholar Fabre d'Olivet (1815). The edition I have was done in 1921. The English translation is by Nayan Louise Redfield. Interestingly, d'Olivet claims that the Hebrew contained in Genesis is the pure idiom of the ancient Egyptians...According to Genesis, the Hebrews remained in Egypt some four hundred years.

According to the Essenian tradition every word in theSepher (book of formation) of Moses contains three meanings--the positive or simple, the comparative or figurative, the superlative or hieratic. Definitely not literally.

For example the root of the Hebrew, ELOHIM (Genesis 1:1), which, though in plural form, we translate as 'God', is EL or AL (used as a logo on Israeli airplanes). It symbolizes power and movement moving extensively and in all directions. Surely physicists, including materialistic atheists, who are interested in understanding the nature of such power must believe that it is there to be understood.


Letters of the Hebrew alphabet: