Dr. Carl Jung, (psychologist) worked with the Nobel
laureate physicist, Professor W. Pauli, from 1932 - 1958.
Their conclusions about reality were published under the
title, "atom and archetype."
The main conclusion about transcendence is their view that
"acausal connections" exist in the space-time continuum,
which Jung termed a 'synchronicity principle.'

Theory: What precisely is synchronicity? In a few words, two (or
more) seemingly
accidental, but not necessarily simultaneous events are called
synchronistic, if the following three conditions are satisfied: (Jung 1947)

*Any presumption of a causal relationship between the events is absurd or
even inconceivable....
* The events correspond with one another by a common meaning, often
expressed symbolically....
* Each pair of synchronistic events contains an internally produced
and an externally perceived component....

The following article explains the "Nostradamus code" based
on the theory of 'acausality.' Appropriate comments from
senior researchers at Princeton University included:


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