rede- I fully agree with you regarding the possibilty of predictive dreams. I think that what will be found to be the basis is that our memories and deductions are unconsciously happening and gathering information whether we like it or not. I too, like many others, have had such things happen. I used to have a repeating dream that was referred to in our family as 'mum's aeroplane dream', and yes, I used to dream that I had dropped of my kids to play sport(!) and was walking up a grassy hill to the top when I would see an noisy aeroplane approaching the city in the distance at a slowish speed, deliberately on target to crash. I would then yell loudly to the pilot to tell him to stop --- and that is when the entire family would wake up as I was always quite upset and noisy! I do NOT think I predicted the Sept 11 crash, but I do feel that if I was scared or apprehensive about something I may have dreamed about something I am really frightened of, and have no control over. And I hate flying! I no longer dream it-- perhaps real life scared it away!

The brain is very unpredictable. I spent a lot of my life teaching children with disabilities, including Asberger's Syndrome and Autism disorders, who have splinter skills that are vastly superior to 'normal' parameters. I have also worked with blind children who achieved feats of sensory deduction that seemed almost paranormal. I think the brain's capacity has not nearly been measured, and we have a very long to way go before we can say we understand its workings.