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PS Rede--I would put dreams in a different category, as in a precognitive dream the mind is, whilst asleep, considering all the possibilities and conclusions, one of which may be the later recognised event. It's a matter of deduction from known (even if unrecognised,) facts, whereas making a solid object move by somehow thoughts (?) or something (?), is a totally different achievement.

Yes, I respect your scepticism and your reasoning. You could be correct. However, the credibility gap remains either way. If, indeed, my particular 'precognitive dream' was a conclusion arrived at after "considering all the possibilities" - or in other words, a probablistic prediction - then it speaks of a truly astonishing power of the human mind light years beyond that with which we are familiar in day-to-day life.
"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Wheeler