Zephir wrote-Here's no reliable experimental support for string theory as well - while this theory is maintained by thousands of most brilliant brains over the world.

Many theories have been maintained by the most brilliant minds of their generation only to be proven incorrect later. While such theories may be influential, important or even derided, that treatment does not, in itself, constitute proof that the theory is true.

Whilst it may in theory be possible, for most of us telekinesis etc will remain merely a suggestion until we see the pencil hopping across the table with no visible outside help!

PS Rede--I would put dreams in a different category, as in a precognitive dream the mind is, whilst asleep, considering all the possibilities and conclusions, one of which may be the later recognised event. It's a matter of deduction from known (even if unrecognised,) facts, whereas making a solid object move by somehow thoughts (?) or something (?), is a totally different achievement.