The AWT mechanism of telekinetic manipulation by human brain corresponds the formation of scalar waves, which were revealed by Nicola Tesla reportedly.

They can be generated by caduceus bifiliar coil, reportedly.

The main principle is, every light wave or photon makes the vacuum foam less or more dense, event though it's balanced by wave of opposite polarity or phase. Therefore the human brain can be surrounded by zones of higher vacuum density, even though the electromagnetic waves emanated by individual neurons are mutually compensated at distance, so they form just a subtle EEG waves at the surface of head. These zones can exhibit a tangible mechanical effects to surrounding solid objects at the distance. They can even induce analogous waves in another brain (a telepathy). This mechanism - when confirmed - would give a physical meaning even to human soul concept, because it could behave as a dense blob, which can move independently to human brain and it can survive its death in certain extent.