The basic concept in brain understanding from AWT perspective is, the electric signals are behaving like density fluctuations inside of particle gas, being formed by gradients of electrochemical ions concentration (the calcium ions in particular). These gradients can propagate by large speed along synapses of neuron cells like inertial waves along surfaces of foam. And they're making it less or more conductive (i.e. "dense") by the same way, like the propagation of waves makes the soap foam more dense during shaking.

Here are three or four mechanisms, how to achieve the dynamic density changes inside of neural network, and they're all based on the concept of memory. If we try to simplify this concept, the neural cells are getting "tired" when serving for propagation of many electrochemical waves in single place, so they increase the density of synapses at this place correspondingly to achieve the most effective energy spreading. The resulting dense place (blob) fixes the route of most effective information spreading into hardwired nodes, which can serve as channels for preferential spreading of electrochemical waves in the future. Such activity occurs in sleep only, when the positive feedback function of neurons is suppressed, or it would lead into neurosis. By such way, the neurons are learning the most successful paradigms of energy spreading, so they're not required to develop them further again and again. The motion of electrochemical waves inside of learned neural network appears something like this by my assumption, it means every wave of electrochemical activity involves many hundreds of neural synapses:

This concept of quantum neural networks has a good meaning with respect to Aether Wave Theory, because the waves of electrochemical activity are behaving like density fluctuations of foam inside of dense particle gas. But heres a difference, because the Penrose considered, the quantum waves are smaller the neurons, being restricted into microtubules by real quantum mechanics effects, while by my opinion they could be much larger then single neural cells. This has an interesting consequence in explanation of many psychic phenomena, like telekinesis and telepathy in particular, because such waves of large amount of collectively moving ions can have a tangible electromechanical effects at the distance on the background of Aharamov-Bohm effect and gravitomagnetic interaction. I can try to explain this concept later in more detail.