By Aether Wave Theory these phenomena are really possible and the the human brain can be considered as a aether foam simulator. This is because just the 1D network composed of strings enables strictly causual energy spreading as a limite case of density fluctuations inside of chaotic environment. Therefore the neural network is based on just 1D network of synapses.

The system of 1D network behavior of foam, which means, every energy wave makes the system more dense temporarily and it spreads like less or more dense blob (wave packet) through foamy environment (the soap foam gets more dense during shaking). By AWT this simple mechanism results into particle-wave duality, mass/energy equivalence and all quantum mechanics phenomena.

The idea, the neural network is behaving like quantum system is not very new, it was ad-hoced by Pribram and elaborated by Sir Penrose later. It basically means, electrochemical waves can circulate through neural network like quantum wave and it can exists here like mechanical objects, which can even exhibit an inertial action at the distance. Albeit this idea is still quite speculative, it fits perfectly many paranormal phenomena like telepathy, telekinesis, etc. But we know about some stable brain wave already, as they realize a internal clock for time interval estimation for us.

At the moment, the quantum character of brain waves will be confirmed, then the hiearchical structure is provided authomatically, because the dense wave packets in the foam can behave like independent system of particles, which can make another generation of foamy fluctuations and more complex nested structures by their true nature. By another words, this simple model can explain the hiearchical structure of human conciousness by the same way, like hiarchical structure of observable reality. We can say, the quantum foam forming the vacuum is behaving like neural network - and vice-versa.