It is possible to discuss brain surgery without a great understanding of the nature of the brain. Performing surgery may need high expertise but it is possible for a lay person to understand what is involved. We all have some understanding of living- I mean here, as in the state of being alive, though we would all have different ways to express our experiences of life. None are right, correct or the only answer. Similarly I feel that your conclusion regarding the ultimate reality is merely one opinion. You state:

"For anyone who has invested years into belief and, making assumptions of God without the actual experience of God, it can be a great blow to the ego to discover everything you believe in is built on shaky ground."

And for certain that could be so. However it is possible that another person making the same journey may have come to a different conclusion, as a person's experience of god is different for each one, and some belief may be rock-solid but flawed.

Whilst the certainty that is shown by those who believe that they have achieved ultimate reality, or truth or revelation is enviable, it may in fact be no more verifiable than disbelief, and therefore have no more validity in argument (no matter how irritating the antagonist). After all who is to define the "shaky ground"?

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