Posters: Can anyone explain to me what the above ambivalent, convoluted, personal and sermon-like comments have to do with the topic?

BTW, I have no objection to having a thread for personal and sermon-like comments, where anyone who chooses to do so can have a go.

BTW, I confess that I, too, can sometimes slip into being personal and can be a sermonizer. Anyone, just let me know if I offend. I will gladly apologize and work to do better. Nameste!

Namaste...Now there"s a word we can work with. "I see/recognise the God in You."
You seem to be having trouble with that when it comes to being a victim to circumstance.

You made exactly the same plea for help in the thread "Reinventing the Sacred".

The Plea you are making has everything to do with you and with the topic.

You see it as ambivalent, convoluted, personal and sermon-like. When I made a comment to your post, your wrote:
Not being in the blame-and-judgment game, I will leave it there and go on to other things.

Is your comment (in your opinion) the blame and judgment game, or is your comment a different kind of comment?

And yes you are a sermonizer as you stated, but you can't help yourself, and I don't have any bad feelings nor is it confusing. It makes perfect sense.

And by the way we're still on Topic, this has to do with religions/sermons, philosophy...etc.

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