I'd say it means they won't go away if we just ignore them..
Basically it can't be ignored if it affects our lives and the way we choose to be involved or uninvolved.

Will Multinationals (the corporations) supplant Nation States? . . . . Have they already?

Not yet but it is very possible that a one world Govt. could emerge from the idea of the United Nations. Within each gov.t there exists very large corporations that make up what we call special interests. They feed large amounts of money through channels to bend interest to support their needs and agendas.
In a one world govt. this is also possible.
The U.S. has a provision to prevent monopolies in industry but lets face it, if the big guy on the block controls the lawmakers and the flow of money, the degradation of preventative measures is more than likely.
Even now the U.S. is moving toward lifting the ban on Offshore and wilderness drilling for oil when it is not the supply of oil that is driving the cost of gasoline up.
Anyone see the movie wag the dog?

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