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Its been a long time since we had a worthy update to Sci-Fi Movies. There is an update to one of the most famous films of all time, Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis'
It was always a difficult film to understand, but now everyone will be able to see this film in its entirety and understand it.

For one fifth of the original version of this silent film was edited and shortened by the American Paramount Co: back in 1927.
Ever since then the original has been lost for over 80 years.
Until the original was found an Argentinian Museum in 1992.

The film was taken to Germany, where it has been restored. It will soon be available for the public to see, and understand, for the first time ever.
The new added scenes now make sense of the film, and show the fights of the bizarre "gynoid" robot. Love scenes between Freder, (the leaders idealistic son) and the underworlds beautiful leader Maria, are also new. It also brings in the "thin man" who is paid to spy on the leaders son, and Freder's mother.
The full techno-sexual violent imagery has been restored, the reasons that this epic film was cut, in the first place.


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