TT, BTW, if you feel offended by my use of the word 'verbose' in brainmeta, I have edit-control of all my posts there. I am more than willing to change it, or even delete it, and apologize. I presume you noted that I did quote the kernel of your comment, which I thought was valid.

No I don't feel offended. I was simply narrowing your statement that "some may feel I am verbose," to you feel I am verbose, which is more to the point of your statement. What others feel should in no way influence us in the way we feel. That would mean that we had no freedom of choice or the will to be cognizant of our own feelings. Simply following the herd tends to atrophy the intellect, and some people tend to hide behind others and make excuses for their own feelings and projections.


BTW 2: What on earth are, "... self made systems of measure"?
Personal beliefs and egoic projections that are unique to the individual personality. Every individual sets personal standards. No two think exactly alike or feel exactly alike about anything. There may be similarities in beliefs and ideas but even twins are not exact mirrors of each other.

BTW 3: I readily admit that I, especially in conversation, tend to be verbose...and LOUD, as my wife often reminds me.
That might explain the tag on my post. Psychologically we tend to judge the things we judge about ourselves, if we are not unconditionally accepting of everything.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!