Unity exists in and amongst appearances of disharmony, chaos, democracy, and relative social agreements that are unity of belief.

Only ones failure to recognize unity creates disharmony in ones self and their beliefs about the world.

I'll use this as an example:
I use the symbol, GØD, to refer to the entire physical COSMOS and beyond. GØD encompasses and interpenetrates all "things"--physical, mental and spiritual.

If one knows God, and God is good, then its all God/Good.
If one makes this a belief, then the words do not reflect the inner reality of the person who believes it, because he/she looks for ways to improve God on the outside due to ones tendency to see something other than God and that which is other than good.
Unity then becomes an issue of creating alignment of thought and belief.

Psychologically speaking it would be difficult to imagine that anyone could maintain a thought indefinitely without moving away from the thought, or changing their beliefs about the thought. People tend to move around objects and as they do so they get different perspectives of the object. As they understand it better they evolve in both the knowledge of the object, and (if they are aware) themselves.

In the Bhagavadgita, Krisna (God) is teaching Arjuna of reality. In and amidst the warring factions and families, (of which Arjuna's family is split down the middle, fighting and killing each other) Krisna is dancing in and amongst the chaos singing "God God God everywhere is God."
Krisna explains that God is everything and that in order to experience God in everything, one must find God in themselves. Only then will one who has God in themselves see God in others.
Then depending on the currents of the river of life, one is moved to go here, or there, depending on the nature of the moment.That is the nature of surrendering to God.

In the world man tries to make the river stand still or to control its direction so that he can make the world in his own image. Often this results in man expending his energies to move against the currents of life rather than with them. This is what causes aging and sickness. Eventually the man who tries to control the world ages, gets sick and dies.
When a man realizes God within he begins to move with God on the outside. When man reaches this kind of spiritual union aging slows and health is maximum.

Humanity is like a developing forest. Some of its plants have prickly thorns and others are smooth. Some plants are fragrant and others not so much. Some plants by their nature tend to choke other plants out but nature has a way of creating conditions so that all plants grow and evolve according to their nature and nature seems to know best what each plant needs, and when to thin the forest, and when to plant.
Man who is not in the flow with nature doesn't understand nature and tries to manipulate nature at a level of understanding that is without knowledge and understanding of the evolutionary process of the forest.

Man has tried to create unity since man has existed and man has always been like a forest of different plants with no understanding of its nature. Different needs and the lack of awareness of God within has created a lack of unity in mans life.
Man forever seeks to find on the outside, in the appearances of diversity, and the nature of change that is an appearance of God, a non changing stable point of reference, which only exists inside all things.

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