Ok, my first post actually pointed out that this doesn't apply to interpretationalists. Basically, nothing said really makes any sense. Your operating on an entirely subjective set of points. Of course if I paint my own beleifs and decide to beleive them, I would think they make sense. Unfortunately, they really don't.

The fact that you think that you've answered the prob of evil, with a quick email reply, when its been a major philosophical quandry for generations says it all. The majority of people here really have no want to discuss, but rather to force feed their own little gods on others. You did'nt really answer even one of my questions.

""Humans wouldn't be free to evolve or to choose if God intervened in every thing humans did."" Obviously a very poor arguement. Its more difficult for people to evolve and choose, when they are burning in hell for all eternity. God isn't punishing to teach, but to cause suffering. This is directly biblical. You don't teach a dog not to pee on the carpet by beating them to death.

"" Anybody can learn to play a piano but not everyone does. The reason being is that not everyone wants to learn nor wants to invest themselves in the discipline it takes to learn to play.""

Also an incredibly egocentric statement. So, the reason I don't beleive in god is because I lack discipline, or don't want to? How about I've spent years in pursuit. I've praid, fasted, meditated, waited, chanted, and put myself through many painful ascetic practices in pursuit of god. I've tried harder than most christians ever do. I'm sure that I understand both the contents and the history of the Bible better than most here, with some exceptions. Still isn't a logically sound, nor moral way to live.
Your just repeating the same old, same olds, mixed up with a few new ager terms.
I have a new question. Why? Why do you beleive these things?