Vancouver British Columbia, a rash amount of feet has washed up on the shores of the Georgia Straight since 2007. The last reported human remain found appeared to be a hoax, but the past five feet appeared to be genuine according to local authorities. The five documented feet found seperatly with ‘in the past year were describe of having in tacked a sock & running shoe?

These human remain findings has globally attracted attention world wide, CNN's Larry King, Anderson 360 had a segment on the baffling subject tonight (Thursday June 19th) along with other major news networks world wide, the theories are out there. One theory that kind of fits the B.C five feet mystery is there has been a number of a missing young men that has been reportedly gone missing without a clue to there where about's around Vancouver’s Lower mainland. Perhaps as recent as these missing feet surfaced through-out the southern B.C waters.

If anyone one has any information to this crime please contact your local Police detachment or call crime stoppers.

Story by Avid Mystery Hunter Keith Ranville